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Emery R. Eaves, Ph.D., Co-Chair

Emery Eaves is an Assistant Professor of Medical Anthropology at Northern Arizona University. Her research is focused on chronic pain and self-medication. Her interest in CAM and IM started as a graduate student working on Traditional Chinese Medicine and CAM focused research for chronic pain with Dr. Cheryl Ritenbaugh and Dr. Mark Nichter and she has continued interests in alternative methods for managing chronic pain.

Lauren S. Penney, Ph.D.,


Lauren Penney is a Research Health Scientist for the Veterans Health Administration and an Assistant Professor at University of Texas Health San Antonio. She is currently evaluating and assisting with the spread of a VA whole health program for chronic pain. Her interest in CAM/IM began while an undergraduate doing research on eating disorders, and developed further under the mentorship of Dr. Cheryl Ritenbaugh. Lauren’s work in CAM/IM will continue along with her work in complex systems theory, syndemics, and implementation science.