Potential NIH Funding Opportunity

Methodology and Measurement in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R21/R01)

This funding opportunity may be of interest to CAM/IM members. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is one of the centers participated in this PA. The text specific to what they are interested in is below. The full Program Announcement can be found here: https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-16-261.html

NCCIH is interested in supporting research to develop and validate measures of mind and body interventions, including methodology to measure fidelity and adherence of subjects to mind and body interventions; measures to assess provider fidelity of implementation of the research protocol as part of the training process; research on measures of physical function in chronic pain populations; novel techniques for data analysis of mega data from body sensors to characterize physical function and/or participation in movement meditation therapies. Validation of less intensive sleep measures in comparison to standard validated measures in the context of chronic pain populations is also of interest, as is the development and validation of methodology or measures that will facilitate mechanistic research of mind and body interventions with a primary focus on meditative or mental aspects of these interventions. NCCIH will not support research proposing efficacy or effectiveness clinical trials with this funding opportunity.

4 Replies to “Potential NIH Funding Opportunity”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Emery! The program seems to be a place where anthropologists in particular could have a lot to offer.

    For those of us studying CAM/IM in the U.S., it’s useful to poke around the NCCIH site. You can learn a lot from the centers and projects they’re funding.

    1. Yes, thanks for posting, Emery!

      I worked on a similar grant as a grad student under Dr. Cheryl Ritenbaugh (PI) and it was a really great experience. We need more of these measures to understand they ways in which these modalities are working for people.

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