CFP: SfAA 2018, Philadelphia, PA

Hello CAM/IM members, We are looking forward to seeing those of you who will be attending the AAA meeting in DC this November. CAM/IM would like to host a brunch meeting in addition to our open business meeting on Saturday morning, December 2nd, location TBA. We will provide refreshments to try to attract graduate students and others interested in our topic in a less formal setting. Once we have decided on a location I’ll send out an update. Please forward to students who might be interested and also join us yourselves if you’ll be there!

On another note, we are organizing a panel for the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. We have a series of excellent papers lined up so far and a wonderful discussant. If you would like to be part of the panel, we have room for one more paper. The current draft of the panel abstract is below. Please send me your 100 word abstract by October 12th as submissions are due October 15th. Lauren and I look forward to continuing to build this community!

Sustainable solutions: The role of complementary, integrative, and traditional medicines in addressing contemporary health and social issues

Biomedical solutions to complex health problems are often partial, and create as many problems as they solve. This panel, sponsored by the Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Integrative Medicine Special Interest Group, explores the role of Complementary, Integrative, and Traditional medicine in providing sustainable, humane, and person-centered care. Papers discuss engagement in traditional medicine to address pain and opioid use on Tribal lands; Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga therapy to mitigate the need for pharmaceuticals; implementation of integrated care in the VA; and persistence of traditional and market medicines in Thailand even in the context of universal healthcare.