Updates and Plans for 2018

Hello CAM/IM members. We had a relatively productive meeting at the AAA this year, although there were few attendees to our business meeting so we do not have official minutes to share. Impressions from graduate students we have talked to have told us last year and this year that the name of the SIG is not capturing the audience we are hoping for and our conversation about a more current name is ongoing. I visited panels with CAM/IM related topics and invited them to the business meeting as well as to the brunch we hosted on Saturday morning, which gathered a few more interested people who helped us strategize future directions for keeping the group current and vibrant.

One idea that came up was to host a knowledge exchange the day before the AAA meeting next year. Some of the other SIGs have successfully hosted these and found them productive. They require a considerable amount of planning, however, so we would need some committed members who would be interested in spearheading such a major effort, as well as interest and commitment to attend from a larger group of you. If you would be interested in organizing such an event, or would like to express interest in attending should we decide to organize this, please use the contact form on our website, send an email to me or Lauren, or send a message through the group’s facebook page.

Either way, we plan to organize a panel for next year’s AAA meeting Wednesday, November 14 – Sunday, November 18 in San Jose, CA. The 2018 Annual Meeting theme is Change in the Anthropological Imagination: Resistance, Resilience, and Adaptation. Attendees this year suggested a panel focused on asking larger questions to show how CAM and IM are relevant to many research topics and to the discipline more broadly. The theme next year aligns well with this goal. It would be nice to engage CAM/IM related topics that have potential to draw a larger audience. If anyone would like to volunteer to help organize a panel or two for the next meeting, please get in touch with us.

We are also excited to promote a panel we organized for the Society for Applied Anthropology Meeting this year in Philadelphia. If you wi

ll be attending the meeting in Philadelphia, please join us for what we expect to be a very engaging panel:

Sustainable Solutions: The Role of Complementary, Integrative, and Traditional Medicines in Addressing Contemporary Health and Social Issues (SMA) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20



  • MANITOWABI, Darrel (Laurentian U), MAAR, Marion (N Ontario Sch of Med), and -OMINIKA, Tim (Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory) Naandwe Miikan (The Curing Path): An Indigenous Holistic Model Addressing Opioid Addictions and Recovery
  • EAVES, Emery, PHILLIPS, Cora M., and BALDWIN, Julie A. (NAU) Traditional and Non-Pharmacologic Treatment Options for Chronic Pain and Opioid Overdose: Progress Update on the Inspire Project
  • RIOUX, Jennifer (ACIH) Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy as Sustainable Solutions to Chronic Pain Syndromes
  • KUNSTADTER, Peter (Prog for HIV Prev & Treatment) Persistence of Multiple Sources of Health Care under Universal Health Insurance in Multi-Ethnic Northwestern Thailand