Please tell your graduate students and colleagues working in CAM/IM and related subjects to submit their papers by July 1st!

The Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Integrative Medicine (IM) special interest group of the Society for Medical Anthropology invites submissions of graduate student authored papers in the Anthropology of CAM or IM. Papers should relate to the study of CAM/IM and preferably engage interest group members’ core concerns with the ways in which healing encounters foreground profound questions of power, culture, and epistemology.

The CAM/IM special interest group was organized in 2006 to encourage the anthropological study of CAM and IM as emergent socio-medical phenomena having global ramifications in the 21st century. Our members recognize CAM/IM as inclusive of contemporary examples of medical pluralism broadly defined, as influenced by processes of globalization and hybridization, scientization and commodification.

The author of the winning paper will receive a cash award of $100 and her or his name will be announced in Anthropology News and at the Society for Medical Anthropology business meeting at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in November. Qualifying submissions will be judged by a committee of CAM/IM SIG members. Submissions from all anthropological sub-disciplines are encouraged.


  • Primary or first author must be a graduate student at time of submission
  • Preferably based on original fieldwork and data, but can be theoretical
  • Must have been written in the past 24 months
  • May be unpublished or submitted for publication at the time of submission
  • Maximum of 8,000 words, not including references.


  • Relevance to the CAM/IM SIG statement of purpose (above)
  • Originality of fieldwork and data
  • Richness of substantive or evidentiary materials
  • Clarity of anthropological methods
  • Effective use of theory and/or data
  • Organization, quality of writing, and coherence of argument


  • Please do not include your name or any identifying information in the paper itself
  • Provide a separate cover sheet that includes your name, mailing address, email address, and school affiliation
  • Papers must be double-spaced and in PDF format (please include page numbers)
  • References should be formatted in the American Anthropological Association style
  • Please submit an electronic copy to Emery Eaves: emery [dot] eaves [at] nau [dot] edu
  • Submissions must be received by 5:00PM EST, July 1, 2018 for full consideration

Questions may be directed to the comments page on this website.

We look forward to your submissions!