Congratulations to the 2020 winners of the CAM/IM Graduate Student Paper Prize

This year we had fantastic submissions. It was a tough decision, but the committee selected two winners:

Veronica Grigio, for her paper titled “Botanical Sentiency and Health: Plants-as-People and Biomedicine in Upper Peruvian Amazonia.”

Veronica Grigio is a PhD candidate in Medical Anthropology at the University of Toronto. Through a mixed method approach, Grigio researches plant-human interactions for policy-making purposes in public health. In specific, she explores how people deploy plant life as a protective buffer against the states of precarity engendered by the current organization of the global political economy.”


Hyemin Lee, for her paper titled “‘Sounds of Healing: Qualia and Medical Efficacy of Acupuncture in a Traditional Korean Medicine Clinic.”

Hyemin LEE is a PhD candidate in linguistic/medical anthropology at New York University. Bridging linguistic anthropology with medical anthropology, her dissertation research centers on the translation of traditional Korean medicine (hanuihak) and traditional medicinal ingredients (Korean ginseng and deer antler) under the process of scientization and commodification. Her academic interests touch upon the broad theme of language and medicine, including communications of pain and suffering, illness/medical narratives, doctor-patient interactions, and medical discourse.

Congratulations Veronica and Hyemin!